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Craig Cothill, Senior Legal Consultant

Craig Cothill is a Senior Legal Consultant at BLK Partners based in Dubai.

Craig is a seasoned expert in arbitration law, particularly in handling general commercial disputes, with a significant focus on matters within the construction industry. With a wealth of experience, he has adeptly represented numerous clients navigating complex arbitration proceedings. His profound understanding of construction law equips him to effectively navigate the intricacies of construction disputes, addressing issues ranging from interpreting contract clauses to project delays and defects.

Leveraging his expertise as a dispute resolution lawyer, Craig has drafted and negotiated general commercial contracts and can also draft and negotiate FIDIC-type agreements.

Additionally, Craig possesses a deep understanding of sports law, specializing in cases concerning WADA anti-doping violations. Serving as the Chairperson for WADA doping violation cases, he provides leadership and oversight throughout these proceedings. This experience allows him to offer comprehensive sports law counsel to clients. Drawing upon his vast experience as a dispute resolution lawyer, Craig has effectively advocated for clients across a spectrum of sports-related legal matters, demonstrating his versatility and proficiency in the field.

Craig holds an LL.B. and LL.M. from Northwest University (South Africa) and is admitted as a solicitor and barrister in South Africa.