The Firm


“At BLK, the Glocal concept is to recognize that the practice of law is a local phenomenon provided it is coupled with our ability to attract and retain professionals practicing to international standards in terms of technical expertise and sophistication.”

Ziad El-Khoury
Partner & 
Chief Executive Officer

Global Standards: At BLK, we are committed to providing quality service, every time.

We are a uniquely structured firm with a robust infrastructure, which creates a culture in which exceptional client service and quality legal work are internally valued and rewarded.

Our clients value our international experience and capabilities when applied properly to the local legal regime.

Our global experience speaks for itself. BLK partners have served a multitude of local and international clients across the region. This diverse exposure has enriched our understanding and expertise, enabling us to bring a wealth of invaluable international insights to every client engagement.

Local strength: We are versed in cultural nuances and local laws.

The Middle East region is dynamic and ever-changing. It presents risks and enormous opportunities for involvement in new or expanded development projects. Our result-driven integrated resources and expertise can help you capitalize on these opportunities and mitigate related risks. BLK Partners delivers sophisticated legal services tailored to the local regimes, enabling clients to navigate the regulatory, legal, economic, and business landscapes. Our team of multilingual lawyers understands cultural nuances and the complexities of doing business in the region.