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Shamsa Al Mandoos, Associate

Shamsa AlMandoos is an Associate at BLK Partners based in Dubai.

With over two decades of comprehensive experience in the UAE's legal arena, Shamsa's professional journey spans both governmental and private sectors. Her expertise encompasses a wide array of legal domains, including civil, commercial, real estate, banking, criminal white-collar crimes, and personal status law. Shamsa is a licensed Emirati lawyer and has rights of audience in local and federal courts in the UAE. She has successfully represented several local and international clients in litigation matters, as well as companies and high-net-worth individuals in disputes before the court. Furthermore, she has a robust background in representing clients before Emirates courts, particularly excelling in personal status cases.

Shamsa ensures equitable resolutions in matters such as divorce, alimony, and custody arrangements. Her dedication to safeguarding children's rights under Wadeema's Law underscores her commitment to their welfare. Meticulously organizing client records and expertly crafting legal documents, Shamsa advocates for her clients' interests with accuracy and effectiveness, thereby assisting them in navigating the complexities of the UAE's legal system.

Shamsa holds a Bachelor of Law from the University of Ajman (UAE) and has completed specialized training at the Sharjah Judicial Institute and Ajman Court. She is an active member of the Lawyers and Legal Association in Sharjah, which contributes to her professional connections. Shamsa is fluent in Arabic, English, and Urdu.