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Philippe Dalpayrat, Of Counsel

Philippe is a Senior Legal Consultant at BLK Partners based in Riyadh.

Philippe possesses extensive international legal and business experience, amassing over 45 years across various domains. His expertise stems from his previous legal practice, management of a law firm, and executive roles in multinational companies across different countries. This diverse exposure has provided him with a comprehensive understanding of transnational commercial, industrial, and corporate matters.

Philippe’s involvement spans assisting in the acquisition and establishment of industrial and chemical plants in foreign territories, allowing him to navigate a broad spectrum of operational and regulatory challenges inherent in these ventures.

Furthermore, Philippe has held pivotal positions in distinguished international French and British law firms. Notably, he contributed significantly to establishing an office in Tokyo, Japan.

His extensive tenure includes over 25 years serving on the Boards of foreign subsidiaries of major French companies and within the French Chamber of Commerce in Japan. This extensive experience has honed his insights into governance, regulatory compliance, strategic planning, and their implementations across diverse cultural landscapes.

Philippe holds degrees from the University of Law of Paris II Assas, the School of Political Sciences of Paris (Sciences Po), and an MBA from the Business School of Columbia University in New York (USA).
He was admitted to the Paris Bar in 1976 and the Tokyo Bar (as a foreign attorney) in 1996. He is fluent in French, English, and German.