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Fadi Oneissy, Partner

Judge Fadi Oneissy (Ret.) is a Partner at BLK Partners, based in Beirut.

Fadi Oneissy has earned an outstanding reputation from his 30 years of service on the bench. He started his career as a judge, where he demonstrated his lifelong commitment to justice. He has solid experience in criminal, civil law, and general litigation and masterfully presided over a very busy docket.

Earlier in his career, he presided over the Criminal Tribunal of Jounieh, followed by the Financial and Commercial Court of Jounieh. In 2002, he was appointed as President of the Criminal Tribunal of Beirut, and later in 2004, he became the Examining Judge at the Court. In 2014, he was also appointed as Consultant Delegate at the Court of Cassation in Beirut (Criminal Chamber), and eventually, in 2017 he became President of the Court of Appeal in North Lebanon.

Fadi Oneissy was a member of the Lebanese Legal Mission and has participated in numerous conferences relating to money laundering, computer and internet, terrorism, and transnational continental crimes. Apart from contributing to various judicial studies and legal fora, he authored “The Examining Judge” book. Additionally, he is a Law professor at La Sagesse University of Beirut and at the Lebanese American University - School of Pharmacy in Byblos.

In 2022, Fadi resigned from the judiciary to pursue a career in the legal profession given his zeal for the practice of law and his passion for justice.

Fadi has a bachelor’s degree in Law and another bachelor’s degree in political science from St. Joseph University. He was ranked first in the entrance examination at the Institute of Judicial Studies with top grades (Beirut, Lebanon). He is in the admittance process to the Beirut Bar Association and is fluent in Arabic, English and French.